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Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Equity & Belonging Projects

Making a difference and impact is our reason for being. 

When you are born into a family whose values are built on making a difference, it's obvious to step up into servant leadership.


I cannot witness and experience injustice or unfairness without responding.

This page contains some of the advocacy daring passion projects that I have led. 

  • 2020: BLM - George Floyd RIP - WeAre Equal:

    • BHM magazine​

    • Imperial College Podcast

    • IS Speaker

  • 2021-2023: Women & Girls in STEM: 

    • Coding Black Females

    • BYP Mentor

    • Coding Girls

    • GrowIT

    • Aurora Women on Board

  • 02/2023: UN WOMEN - Delegate CSW67

  • 06/2023: Coach at WeAreTechWomen annual career festival

  • 06/2023: WORLD AFRO DAY

    • Faith appeared on ITV Meridian News to advocate for Natural Hair in the workplace

  • 10/2023: Keynote Speaker at SSAFA Charity

    • Beyond Inclusion - Practical strategies for leaders to implement

For over 20 years, Faith has be an active speaker and coach to individuals and leaders during Black History Month.

She has delivered inspirational talks to global organisations such as Shell, The British Red Cross, Imperial College, SSAFA the Armed Forces Charity and Montreal Associates


In 2022, I was honoured to be invited to participate on panel discussions at GrowIT (a Stott and May) events sponsored by FSP and Lizards offices. The event was held in person in Reading and London. We discussed the importance of measuring diversity and urged organisations to include everyone in the organisations to accelerate DEI efforts.


Did you know that only 17% of the tech workforce comprises women? As the world shifts towards digital and AI, more girls must enter the field. To achieve this, we need to make sure that the workplace is welcoming to women. Over the past three years, I've worked closely with We Are Women In Tech, an organization that promotes gender diversity in the tech sector. I was honoured to be a keynote speaker at the One World Tech Conference, which brought together over 3000 women in tech and industry leaders worldwide. In


November 2022, I had the privilege of serving as an expert coach at the Tech Leader's Summit called Level Up, where I advised senior HR and business leaders on attracting and retaining more female talent.

June 2023, I was a Career and Executive Coach at WeAreTech Festival Hybrid event, attended by 350 + women and leaders in Tech.


Gender Representation Matter

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