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Hello, I'm Faith.
I am known as the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) Coach. I offer fast and transformational coaching to my clients, mostly who are female leaders who feel stuck and at a career crossroad in their career. I provide engaging and inspirational keynote talks, speak on DEI panels and women in technology conferences.

A bit about my background. I spent 12 years chasing the corporate dreams as I was brought up to believe that success is getting a degree, a master and a steady job. Then, at age 35, I realised I had accomplished all my life dreams. I was a homeowner in London, happily married with two children.

Becoming a mother in 2010 changed my priorities and perspectives for the better. Working 60 hours a week was no longer an option or a sacrifice I was willing to me. So, in 2014, I swapped my glamorous work identity to become a full-time stay-at-home mum. I believe, and I know I had a divine intervention.


You see, for months, I felt conflicted. My head was saying, "Faith, you have been identified as a high potential, you have won recognitions and awards for your services to the community and your work, and you have just completed a self-funded (£40,000) Executive MBA with Imperial Business School, now is your time to soar." But outside work, I lost my grandma (my role model) and became a wife and a new mother. In addition, I was navigating uncertain waves of emotions and high stresses that were taking their toll on my mental well-being and health. Like most working parents, I juggled, struggled with guilt and felt exhausted. 

On the eve before I resigned from Shell, God spoke to me and told me to "Quit your job and live by Faith, not Fear!" I had no plans but truckloads of Faith. So I took a leap of Faith and trusted that all would work out okay.

But within weeks, I realised that being a stay-at-home mum was and is the most challenging job. Don't get me wrong, I chose to be at home with my then-young children because I wanted to be present for every second of their lives. But there is no training for how to be the best mother. So every day felt like a challenge, and I went to bed feeling I had failed miserably. It took a few months for me to adjust to my new life of being a full-time mummy and part-time coach and speaker. 

I am guided by my Christian values; I advocate and champion human rights, meaning I value diversity, equality and inclusion for ALL.

For the last eight years, I have transformed 1000s of lives as a coach, speaker and author. My typical client is a leader or a highly achieving individual who realises that they have more in them but struggle to have clarity or feel confident to take that leap of Faith.

To discover how I can help you, please book a consultation or complete the contact us form!

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